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Thursday, 27 May 2021

Conditioning: Partner WOD For Time - Buy-In: 1 Mile Run (1600 Meters) 200 Meter Medicine Ball Walking Lunge (20/14) 150 Medicine Ball Front Squats 100 Overhead Medicine Ball Sit-Ups Cash-Out: 800 Meter Run

* Breakup First Run Into 200 Meter Alternating Intervals; Each Partner Completes 4 Intervals (800 Meters)

* Walking Lunges on Turf; 5 Times Down & Back = 200 Meters

* Split Lunges Equally; When not Lunging, Walk Next to Partner With Your MB

* Split Front Squats Equally; one Partner Hangs From bar While Other Partner Does MB Front Squats

* Split OH MB Sit-ups Equally; one Partner Holds Plank While Other Partner Does OH MB Sit-Ups

* 800 Meter Run TOGETHER; Partners Must Start & Finish Together!


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