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Thursday, 13 June 2024

Accessory: Strict Pull-up Test

Level 1: Find the lightest band that you can do one strict pull-up with

Level 2: Find your max unbroken set of unweighted strict chin-ups

Level 3: Find your max unbroken set of unweighted strict pull-ups

Level 4: Find your max 1 rep weighted strict pull-up

- Scoring: note your level and score achieved


In 3:00 complete:

2 rounds

50ft Single Arm Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunge (50/35)

10 Toes To Bar

- If you complete it within 3 minutes, it unlocks three more minutes. Repeat another 2 rounds, with two additional reps added to the toes to bar. Continue adding three minutes and two toes to bar reps until time catches you. Cap 15:00/5 rounds.

- You don’t have to rest until the three minutes is up to start the next two rounds.


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