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Friday, 13 October 2023


AMRAP 2 x 6 sets

20/15 Calorie Echo Bike

Max Distance Farmers Carry

(Double DBs 70/50)(Or Double Kettlebells (70/53)

- Rest 1:00 Between sets

Accessory: Double-Unders

One Double-Under Followed by Single-Unders:

Now we’re going to work on doing that first double-under and

then keeping the rope spinning for some additional single-unders

Goal Workout:

10 rounds:

3 single-unders

1 double-under

Once you can successfully complete this workout

unbroken (with no misses), you’re ready for Phase 4

Advanced Athlete Option:

If you already have mastered double-unders, instead, use this time to work on Crossovers.


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